Computer Hacking

On October 4, Intelliware held our Fall 2018 Hackathon. This event was significantly different from previous versions of Intelliware’s hackathons. Instead of having the teams create a product with a given technology or domain constraint, there were a number of reasons we chose to spend the day playing a game. Read More..

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This past January we announced our continued partnership with Women Who Code, a relationship that started early in 2017 when we became the first Toronto company to participate in their Network Sponsorship program. As our partnership continues to grow, it is with great pleasure we announce our second annual Women Who Code Meetup to be held on Tuesday, October 9th at Intelliware’s DevSpace, at 200 Adelaide Street West in downtown Toronto. Read More..

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Back in June, we released the introduction to our whitepaper series on the subject of replatforming. Rather than try to nail the big topic of replatforming into one prescriptive document, we felt it was more appropriate to take it on using a series of smaller whitepapers that look at replatforming and modernization from several different perspectives. Read More..

Recently, I watched a Spring Boot Kotlin Tutorial that outlined how to build web applications with Spring Boot and Kotlin. This tutorial inspired me to create my own lab for my Intelliware colleagues. The lab I created was different from the tutorial that I watched as my lab incorporated more references to the Kotlin languages feature that have been left out from the Spring Boot Kotlin Tutorial. Read More…

The Wi-Fi Analyzer app allows users to optimize their current Wi-Fi network through the examination of the surrounding networks, identification of crowded channels and the measurement of signal strength. Privacy and security is a huge concern these days and the WiFi Analyzer (open-source) is designed to use as few permissions as possible. Read More…