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The Agile Alliance Digital Library Program is a collection of references to articles relevant to Agile practice. Some are hosted locally, most live elsewhere on the Internet.

We also maintain a listing of recently-published books, either written by members of the Alliance on Agile-related topics, or recommended by members.
Agile User Groups

We maintain an index of independent agile user groups worldwide. These groups are not necessarily affiliated with the Alliance; we present them here as a community service.

External Resources
Agile Journal

The Agile Journal publishes original content articles on a wide variety of Agile topics and is directed by Liz Barnett who was Forrester’s lead analyst on Agile Development until this year.

DZone is a technology publishing company that produces valuable content for software architects, developers, and IT managers. Its Agile community (agile.dzone.com) provides authoritative content on a wide range of agile topics for development teams and project managers.

InfoQ serves the Agile, Java, .NET, Ruby, and SOA communities with daily news, articles, books, and videos. If you’re only interested in Agile, then you can turn off the other communities in the box on the left hand side. Your RSS feed will also be customized to your community interests.

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