About i-proving

This is Intelliware’s official technology blog. We’ve been developing software since 1990, that’s long enough to offer a voice of reason in an industry that is by equal measures revolutionary and over-hyped.

Our posts are authored completely by all departments of the Intelliware team. We hope you like them! We cover a wide range of topics, from Java to Extreme Programming, from design principles to project management. From best practices to worst practices. From simple things that work, to complex things that don’t. From that initial thinking, “that would be really cool to build”, to an up and running production system. We’ll try to figure out how to get there fast, reliably, and without killing people in the process.

We’re a great place to work and have developed our own Agile best practices called i-Proving, interested in learning more? You should probably check out our i-proving page or our company website.

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