Results are in for our 2016 Open Source hackathon

Our Open Source hackathon generated a lot of excitement around here. Eight hours of hacking yielded some interesting contributions.

The judges looked for impact, creativity, and completeness. Out of a possible 12 points, the teams were all within 3 points of each other.

The winning team created a carousel web component using Polymer. It’s now registered at Congratulations to Anson, Nelson, Xufeng, and Graham.


Nelson, Chetna, Justin and Camilo created a Polymer-based UI for customizing QMK keyboard. Check it out at and


Ashish, Louis, and Inderjit submitted some initial models to Kaggle.The competition continues until December. We will see where “Ashish 2″ends up at Their initial code is at


Peter A., Peter D., Tomasz and David created Build Box in a Box. It’s a Docker-based build pipeline consisting of Jenkins, Sonar, and Postgres. If you want to contribute to this project, go to


Thanks to everyone for their contributions!

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