4 Benefits of Agile Software Development

Agile, when done properly, can help lower the delivery, scope and budget risks that are inherent to every software development project. Intelliware has been involved with Agile since the very early days of Kent Beck’s articulation of his Extreme Programming principles in the late 1990s. We have observed the following four key benefits of Agile software development that our clients view as particularly important.

1. Get unstuck.

  • In all organizations, it is often very difficult to just get started. With traditional approaches, there are unreasonable demands to “nail the requirements”, which fuels analysis paralysis.
  • With Agile, a project can get started with high-level requirements and a simple gating of the first level of useful functionality.

2. Change is built into the process.

  • The biggest fallacy of traditional approaches is that you can “nail the requirements”.
  • All projects experience change, and the longer they run, the more changes accumulate.
  • Agile software development builds change into the process from the get-go.

3. Risk management ensures delivery.

  • Embracing change and robust technical practices result in the early delivery of a running system.
  • The risks associated with change are dealt with daily avoiding a big bang release with a mountain of hidden problems.
  • When steered properly, and with discipline, Agile projects deliver.

4. Deliverable quality is higher.

  • Agile teams follow rigorous technical practices.
  • Cross-functional teams working together towards a common goal using short sprints are more motivated.
  • Strong technical practices and greater overall team motivation combine to result in higher quality project deliverables.

The benefits of Agile do go beyond the 4 listed above. To complement our list, here’s a mini-roundup of posts made by others on this topic (there’s some overlap).

Reported Benefits of Agile by Mike Cohn

  1. Higher productivity and lower cost
  2. Improved employee engagement and job satisfaction
  3. Faster time to market
  4. Higher quality
  5. Improved stakeholder satisfaction

Benefits of Agile Software Development by VersionOne:

  1. Visibility: more accurate visibility into the actual progress of projects.
  2. Adaptability: greater adaptability to changing requirements throughout the process.
  3. Value: the process of continuous planning and feedback ensures that value is continuing to be maximized throughout the development process.
  4. Risk: focus on the rapid delivery of business value minimizes risk.

8 Benefits of Agile Software Development by Segue Technologies

  1. Stakeholder Engagement.
  2. Transparency.
  3. Early and Predictable Delivery.
  4. Predictable Costs and Schedule.
  5. Allows for Change.
  6. Focusing on Business Value.
  7. Focusing on Customers.
  8. Improving Quality.

5 Benefits of Agile by Upland Software, Inc.

  1. Faster ROI.
  2. Lower Risk.
  3. Lower Defect Density.
  4. More Transparency & Better Visibility.
  5. No Frills Approach.
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