XPToronto: Your Lean Startup Needs to Go on a Diet

While many people have a copy of Eric Ries’s book, The Lean Startup, very few seem to be applying the ideas. This workshop is based on our learnings from mentoring and hosting all four Lean Startup Machine events in Toronto (a weekend conference to bootstrap Lean Startup into participants). If you haven’t been to Lean Startup Machine yet, come to our workshop and get a taste of what you’re missing. You’ll learn what it really means to get Lean.

Todd Charron is an Agile coach and consultant with a different approach. By combining his background in Improv and Theatre with over 10 years of experience in the software industry, Todd has become an expert in helping organizations, teams, and individuals overcome the fears that are holding them back from reaching the success they truly desire.

Jason Cheong-Kee-You has been working in software since 1997. Jason has been using Agile software practices for 8 years. He’s spoken at multiple Agile conferences. He’s facilitated an Open Space, a Coding Dojo, and multiple Code Retreats. Jason hosts the Lean Startup Machine conferences in Toronto. What keeps Jason up at night is figuring out how to create software in a way that brings joy to users, but not only to users…but to the makers as well.

Meeting date: Tue Oct 15 2013 7:00 PM

Location: Ryerson University George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre 245 Church St. (Room ENG 205 )

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