Can my JavaScript do that?

Ever thought about “Freezing” or “Sealing” your JavaScript objects?  Perhaps you wanted to use accessors or mutators?  What about using filter or reduce on your arrays?  These are just a few of the really cool features made available in EcmaScript 5, a.k.a ES5. The trouble is whether or not your target platform supports these features.  This handy site let’s you in on the state of things:

IE is moving in the right direction, thanks for that.  But no love for Node.  Turns out much of node does support ES5 and is tied to its v8 version.  You can get support for ES6 , a.k.a Harmony, by passing in v8 options to the node process.  Wait…what?!  There’s block scoping and type checking?!

Exciting times indeed.

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