A Lunch Date with Ruby



  • Video Instruction
  • Exercises


  • computer
  • Ruby
  • Gem
  • rspec
  • irb
  • ri
  • Sublime Editor

Meeting Minutes

Premise: If you are not going to get away form your desk at lunch time, at least do something else then your normal tasks.

Feeling that it would be nice to learn something different, and realizing that it is tough to start and stop the learning process if all you have is a couple minutes each day, I looked for some type of tutorial that I could work through during my lunch hour. I have successfully completed some tutorials in the past and my retention was pretty good, however taking this Ruby course was much more enjoyable. The goals that are set out in the course and the skills that you learn continually built on itself. Having a video portion and exercised portion meant that if all the time I had was to watch or re-watch the video portion at lunch, then I could do that. The video gave me a volumetric meal, where the exercises provided a meat and potatoes meal. The variety was great.

Besides just learning Ruby, the course was great at laying out the best practices for organizing code, testing code, and refactoring code.

Looking forward to my next lunch date

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