Want People to Pay for Your Mobile App?

If you’re a mobile app developer looking to get paid selling your apps the Android platform sure is tempting. Android runs on the latest greatest must have phones. Android has a majority market share and strong sales. Android gives you a proven development environment and active developer community.  In short, the Android platform has all the keys to success – save two. One is your compelling app idea. The other is a market ready and willing to pay for your app. You may think these last 2 items are entirely in your hands, but that might not be the case. It’s true that you need to not only come up with a compelling app idea, but you need to execute on that idea and produce a product worth charging money to download. But it’s also becoming apparently true that people’s willingness to pay to download mobile apps differs between the iOS market and the Android market. Apple, with its closed system, has managed to create an environment where piracy isn’t rampant. Or maybe it’s just that Apple has created a customer base that sees the value in a developer’s efforts and is willing to pay fairly for apps. Regardless, if getting paid for your efforts is a priority then you may want to start with an iOS version and wait to see if attitudes change among Android owners when it comes to paying for apps. This post from Gizmodo is about a development shop giving up on getting paid for the Android version of their app, despite the modest $1 purchase price.

This is Why Android Can’t Have Nice Things.

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