Make Google Search More Fun

So if you read my last article on here,

then you have probably guessed I spend too much time on Google.  We all use Google regularly and eventually it can get a bit boring.

As such, when I was trying to learn the Google extensions for all of the world’s countries  (which I found at if you want to know), I stumbled across a list of novelty Googles at .

This list includes purple Google, Emo Google, ninja Google, packman Google, Chuck Norris Google, Kosher Google, music Google, and dinosaur Google just to name a few.  I tried several out, and while the level of effort put into them was not consistent, they still gave me a chuckle.  Some only affected the start page, and some changed the pages throughout.  For example gives you all the evidence you need to see who the real boss of this search engine is.

So the next time you are trudging through search results to hunt down something, whether it be about the volcanoes of iceland or some minor detail about jai (java advanced imaging), give a couple of these a try and the search should get a bit more interesting.

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