Liferay Developer Training at IWD

The last three days were consumed with Liferay Training on site at IWD. Having confirmation on the Liferay subjects that I already knew was great and learning about how Liferay has been improving their product to be easier to use was insightful. Having access to the Liferay Developer Studio made extending the Liferay product offering much easier.

Some key takeaways
  • Liferay has tried to make extensibility easy, so try one of the suggested extension points before trying to pound a square peg into a round hole (which will make upgrading a pain)
  • Use the Liferay Developer Studio (its very helpful)
  • When you create your themes and layout templates well, the ability to spot your website as a portlet site is much more difficult (you might even have to check it in firebug to see what is really going on)
  • If you have complicated user, organizations, member/non-member, roles, content visibility that is fine grained and you want to manage it all under one roof, Liferay is probably the best thing out there. (6.1 created even more flexibility while doing some nice house cleaning)
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1 thought on “Liferay Developer Training at IWD

  1. Aaron Penner
    Aaron Penner Post author

    Some of the new feature of 6.1
    + Liferay document and media sync (think dropbox)
    + Re styled Control
    + Users and Sites (was communities)
    + New customization setting for only allowing portlet in certain parts of the template to be changed be a user.
    + Site Specific Hooks (extension can be targeted for a specific site)

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