InfoWorld Spring 2012: The Consumerization of IT

InfoWorld has released an interesting PDF that covers a number of different aspects of the overall IT Consumerization trend, with a particular focus on the impact of smartphones.

The spring 2012 Digital Spotlight resource contains four articles that discuss different perspectives on the overall trends.  The PDF’s centerpiece article, “Consumerization’s business advantage”, makes a number of strong points on how businesses can and should leverage consumerization trends to their advantage.

Colin Lacey, who writes a blog on disruptive technologies for Unisys, is quoted in the article and says:

“Quite simply, the consumerization of IT is a disruptive trend, and the best way to meet a disruptive trend is head-on, anticipating the changes it will bring and exploiting those changes for competitive advantage.”

The article offers several suggestions on how to take advantage of the overall trend.  Key suggestions include:

  • Manage and support these popular consumer technologies.
  • Secure critical data and assets against hackers, viruses, identity thieves, and other widespread consumer IT threats.
  • Offer the interactive app experiences that consumers are looking for when transacting with their suppliers.
  • Handle the expected four-fold increase in transaction load that these new interactive experiences will impose on the IT infrastructure.
  • Attract and retain the new generation of workers entering the workforce.

Easier said than done.

InfoWorld Digital Spotlight, Spring 2012: The Consumerization of IT.


Snyder, Bill. “Consumerization’s Business Advantage.” Rpt. in Digital Spotlight Spring 2012: The Consumerization of IT. By InfoWorld. InfoWorld. 9-13. Web. 23 Apr. 2012. <>.

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