XPToronto: Commonality and Variability Analysis: Avoiding Duplicate Code

Duplicate code is something to be avoided. And yet, everyday developers make copies of working code, make edits to the copy, and create duplicate code.

Some developers have the discipline and the skill to refactor to eliminate this duplicate code. Many do not.

This workshop will do nothing for developer discipline: that is up to the developers themselves. This workshop will teach you an important skill, Commonality and Variability Analysis: a design technique that will help you to avoid duplicate code.

In this workshop you’ll learn Commonality and Variability Analysis by reviewing code—both ugly and beautiful. You’ll get to practice what you’ve learnt by eliminating duplicate code.

You’ll leave this workshop ready to apply Commonality and Variability Analysis to avoid duplication in your own code.

Presenters:Jason Cheong-Kee-You and Alistair McKinnell

Date:Tuesday February 21st, 2012 – 7 PM

Ryerson University
Vari Engineering & Computer Centre
Room ENG 205
245 Church St. at Gould St.
Enter at northwest corner of the building
(note the change in room location – signs will be posted)

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