Mercurial 2.1 Changes

Mercurial 2.1 has been released! The corresponding TortoiseHG is not up yet, but expect it in the next couple days.

Two areas of interest for me. First, the number of corrections/bugfixes for Largefiles. Seems like a good thing that we haven’t started using it just yet.

And the biggy is the introduction of Phases for changesets. This is a locally tracked item, so doesn’t impact existing repos or clients, and is not pushed/pulled between repos.

The main objective behind phases is to allow tracking of changesets that can be safely modified (i.e. history manipulation), those that shouldn’t be, and a feature to keep changesets from being included in push operations.

Basically flags changesets so that mq/rebase/strip can tell if they should not allow the user to modify/remove the changesets. A user can override this by changing the phase of a changeset, but obviously, they better know what they’re doing.

Another useful phase is Secret. This will allow for a form of local branch (see Git). One will be able to have changesets in a branch, mark them as secret, and then push will ignore them. Much safer than the current approach I have to use.

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