Uncle Bob is saying you need to learn Clojure …

Today, I came across this tweet

  I’ll be teaching at the Clojure Exchange in London on 1 Dec: Learn why Clojure is the next language you need to learn. http://bit.ly/rwMXs0
by @unclebobmartin.

And it really made me happy! I’ve been playing with Clojure during the last month or so, and I’ve been planning on writing an i-proving post about it. Now that I have Uncle Bob to quote, my job is much easier. Here is my story:

I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Clojure! It allows for writing very concise code!

I’ve been hearing about Clojure for like a year now, but finally last month I was brave enough to face Clojure’s many parenthesis (Clojure is a Lisp dialect that runs on the JVM).

I’d like to point you to the THREE+1 readings that made me take a serious look at Clojure.

First, I ended up watching a talk titled Simple Made Easy by Rich Hickey (the creator of Clojure). The talk in itself was enlightening to me! But I won’t spoil it for you.

Then, I came across this tweet the very same night I watched the talk.

  RT @rjs: If the Rich Hickey talk made you curious, here’s what a simple web app in Clojure looks like: http://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/clojure-web-application
by @puredanger.

After reading the blog post, I was totally hooked.

So I spent like three of four nights playing with Clojure. I ended up creating a very simple Clojure program that generates a project status report using unanet data.

Then, I remembered I had read a post by Paul Graham named Revenge of the Nerds sometime ago. While it made sense to me back when I read it, I was not able to internalize it. So I went and read it again. This time I was able to appreciate the point he is tying to make much more.

Now I was eager to know more about Rich Hickey. A friend pointed me to Rich Hickey Q&A by Michael Fogus published in Code Quarterly. Again, an enlightening read.

I hope I’ve made Clojure interesting enough for you to take the time to watch the talk and read the posts. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I will leave you with this teaser for now …


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