Hand Waving as Performance

A short piece in the current ACM Interactions¬†journal frames “hand waving” presentations of a project’s design to the customer as an embodied performance. It introduces the concept of embodied performance, categorize the practice of hand waving into three stages, and describes its place and value within the process of communicating design and the relationship with the customer.

I found the following quote motivational:

Client meetings, then, typically involve rehearsed performances about the actors and the project. Part of making those performances compelling and convincing is providing persuasive evidence of expertise and effort. After all, as one designer said, “Part of my job is to make people feel better about spending half a million dollars on a process that isn’t predictable.”

The piece is accessible from the ACM Portal:
Hand Waving and the Real Work of Design, Elizabeth Goodman

An alternative version of the piece can be found in full at:

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