Shorten the release cycle!

Shorten the release cycle!
Shorten the release cycle!
Shorten the release cycle!

Most people agree this is a good idea. But, the path to accomplish it is daunting! In most projects with an external customer people usually give up and continue living in a world of pain. (I’m generalizing here)

I think this blog post by Mary Poppendieck captured really well the main reason why it is important to shorten the release cycle and it also provides insights into how to make the endeavor less daunting.

Share and Enjoy!

“Share and Enjoy” is, of course, the company motto of the hugely successful Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Complaints division, which now covers the major land masses of three medium sized planets and is the only part of the Corporation to have shown a consistent profit in recent years.
The motto stands – or rather stood – in three mile high illuminated letters near the Complaints Department spaceport on Eadrax – “Share and Enjoy”. Unfortunately its weight was such that shortly after it was erected, the ground beneath the letters caved in and they dropped for nearly half their length through the underground offices of many talented young complaints executives – now deceased. The protruding upper halves of the letters now appear, in the local language, to read “Go stick your head in a pig”, and are no longer illuminated, except at times of special celebration.


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