Integrating Security into the Agile SDLC

There’s been substantial research on how to integrate security into process-heavy software development life cycles. But how do we integrate security holistically into Agile projects?

Rohit Sethi of SD Elements will share his experiences both as an application security consultant and product owner on how to integrate security into Agile development, including:

  • Security education
  • Adding and triaging security requirements in the backlog
  • Agile threat modeling
  • Secure coding practices
  • Security in QA
  • Static and runtime analysis

Emphasis will be on lightweight and automated techniques rather than process / documentation intensive approaches.

Presenter: Rohit Sethi, SD Elements

Date: Tuesday June 21st, 2011 – 7 PM

Ryerson University
Vari Engineering & Computer Centre
Room ENG 288/289
245 Church St. at Gould St.
Enter at northwest corner of the building
(signs will be posted at the doors)

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