Good Job! Well Done!

Some time in Spring 2011…

Daniel, my colleague, was leading a discussion within the team on who wants to do what for that day. When the meeting was over, he realized that one team member might have misunderstood him, thinking that Daniel was “telling” him what he should be working on and may disregarded the team member’s preferences and opinion. Rather than letting it go unresolved, shortly after the meeting, he took an initiative to talk with that team member one-on-one. The misunderstanding was resolved.

I my opinion, not only Daniel “caught” a possible miscommunication issue, he also stepped up and took extra steps to clarifying the misunderstanding. This shows that he cares about his teammates and takes responsibility to keep his relationship a healthy one between him and his team members.

Some time in July 2011…

I was pairing with Ye for the last week or so. We have been working on fixing old bugs. At the end of the day on a Friday, she pulled me aside and had a little chat about how our pairing has been going and what we could do to make it better. I really appreciate that she took time to initiate the talk. It demonstrated her mature communication skill. It helped me realize a few new things about her and myself. I really admire Ye’s highly reflective nature and a strong desire for continuous improvement. Good Job Ye. I look forward to pairing more with her.

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