Cloning a Repository


Go to Developer machine Hg setup instead.


  • Get TortoiseHG
  • get MercurialEclipse from the eclipse update site
  • Start eclipse in new workspace directory
  • Create a new project by cloning an existing mercurial repository

  • enter repository URL. For Clone directory name, use anything. Hit next. This takes a while (10 minutes, and it isn’t even actually cloning yet!).

  • pick the revision for the working directory. You probably want default. Hit next. This takes a while (6 minutes).

  • import the top level (this deselects all the other projects) as a project. The actual projects we need to work in aren’t direct children of the top-level so they don’t all appear in this selection.

  • now, import the ehr projects using the File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace. Add them to a workspace if you like.
  • import the hw-parent projects the same way. Actually, hw-parent has a .project so eclipse doesn’t let you mass import the projects under it. I temporarily deleted hw-parent/.project so I could multi-import its children; the alternative is singly importing each of its children. Is there a better way to do this?
  • import port, and any other projects you may need to work on.
  • you should be done here but it would be a good idea to ensure your workspace is working. Exit eclipse, and do a mvn clean install of hw-parent, and ehealth-broker-parent.
  • (DL: this won’t need to be done once it’s been done the first time and committed to the Hg repository) fix the missing directory errors by adding the directories with an empty placeholder file. Make sure .cvsignore and .hgignore files are set up properly.

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