The future is here. Again.

I ran across this back in December, but completely forgot about it until BC and I were talking about iPhone apps the other day. WordLensis an iPhone app that translates text from one language to another (specifically, so far, between Spanish and English).

The trailer definitely makes it look like something from Star Trek. I know the trailer was filmed under near-perfect conditions, but I’d be happy with this if the software performed half as well as it looks. Unfortunately, none of my current iOS devices include a camera so I’m not able to download it and test it. There’s a free version that doesn’t actually do anything except give you the option of in-app purchase of language packs, which are $10 a throw.

Arguably this blog entry is a little stale, pointing out something that was released four months ago. But some people may have missed it, and there is a new twist: it’s now available for the iPad 2.

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