TortoiseHG version 2.0 released

The next version of TortoiseHG has been officially released. This release is a major upgrade from the previous version.

With version 2, the primary focus was creating an integrated workbench for dealing with Mercurial. I have been using the pre-release version for several months, and am quite impressed. Everything starts and ends at the workbench screen. The flow of operations is well handled, and gives you options when something needs to be handled.

An example would be a merge. With the previous version, if you had outstanding local changes, the merge dialog would merely throw an error, and you’d have to close the dialog, and do whatever you wanted to do about the local changes.

In Tortoise 2.0, the dialog reports that you have outstanding local changes, and gives you several options. Lose changes, shelve (temporarily store) the changes, see the changes. The choices you would make.

Once you make a decision (all from the merge dialog), the dialog updates, and will allow you to continue.

For merging files, you now have the option to explicitly do manual resolving on all files, or allow Tortoise/HG to do the usual auto-resolve. If you choose manual, then there’s a new dialog that shows all the files that haven’t been resolved, and those that have. The common options are all there, and one can easily re-do a merge.

The list goes on and on as far as improvements, so review the release notes.

The only ‘problem’ with this release is there is a learning curve when starting to use it. Things are not in the same place as the old version, so it will take some time to get comfortable with the new look and operations, but I think it’s well worth the effort.

I think this will be a huge boon for HG.

TortoiseHG is available for Windows and Linux. There is also a port for OS/X, but I don’t know what state it’s currently in.

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