Tuesday Lunch – What Type Am I?

Topic: What Type Am I?
Presenters: Martin Haurilak & Lawrence Ludlow
Time: Tuesday November 23rd, 12:30pm-1:30pm
Locations: Ottawa@1709 Bloor & Kingston@200 Adelaide

Throughout history people have come up with systems to classify and categorize us into groups. While each of us is unique, “typing” can help us better understand our own behaviour and that of others with less judgement. This can be particularly helpful in a project room environment such as ours where we’re required to interact with many different people every day. The way we think falls into specific patterns, and understanding our own patterns and the patterns that others follow can help us interact with them more effectively. In this session we’ll walk through a basic typing exercise, identify what temperaments we fall into and discuss key attributes of the different temperaments and how to get along with them. Martin will facilitate at 200 Adelaide and Lawrence will be at 1709 Bloor.

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