Agile: Going back to the core

In the Agile Roots Conference 2010, Jeff Patton presented “Nobody Wants your Stupid Process”. He mentioned that Agile today pays enormous attention to speed and delivery. But the CEOs are starting to notice that, all their Agile teams talk about or even care about is “velocity”, “frequent releases”, “continuous improvement”, etc. Little is focused on Passion – passion of a great product that he/she envisioned and shared by everyone… He said,


It’s like the soul has been sucked out of my company.


Jeff tried to tease out the issues with the increasing reliance on processes (Agile processes). Processes do not and will not solve all the problems. In fact, studies shown that, high performance teams would appear to use little or no process at all. But they know a lot of “Tricks”. In contrast, organizations that rely heavily on processes and sign-offs consistently failed.

Jeff also mentioned, the first step to regain passion, the teams need to be able to relate to the end users. Teams should to go to where the product is being used. Observe for themselves how it is used. Collaborating closely with end users helps gain appreciation of the product.

Question I have is: As a company of consultancy, we implement and deliver products for our customers via projects. Is it reasonable to share passions with our customers? “Your passion is our passion and vice versa”. If so, what are some good approaches?

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