Liferay 6 Webcast Summary

A few of us who’ve worked with Liferay watched a Liferay 6 webcast yesterday showcasing it integrated within Eclipse. We’ve had our doubts going in, but we ended up being very impressed and just wanted to share some of our observations.

New Features

  • A useful Liferay Eclipse plugin (with wiki documentation to help with setup). It comes with its own tab in Eclipse.
  • Automatic portlet project creation using an Eclipse wizard.
  • Hot Deploy as well as drag and drop portlet deployment.
  • Live debugging (errors/warnings within eclipse) of Portlet.xml and LiferayPortlet.xml (very handy feature, a time saver in my opinion).
  • Customizable Plug-in validations (i.e. configurable Ignored, Warning and Error events).
  • Layouts can now be created and modified within Eclipse. It comes with an impressive drag and drop GUI for creating layouts (this was previously very tedious, so this will be very helpful).
  • Drag and Drop deployment for layouts as well.
  • A less intrusive Liferay menu/control panel layout. It’s now horizontal across the top of the browser, instead of appearing to be integrated into your app.
  • A hook plug-in that provides a cleaner way of editing (Liferay configuration). In previous projects we’ve just manually edited (which at times caused numerous unintended problems). It also allows you to customize any LifeRay JSPs, events and services.

Lingering Questions

  • Maven support? No answer on that as yet.
  • Support for themes from older Liferay versions?
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