Stack Overflow in GWT Hosted Mode

The error we’re seeing in the GWT Hosted Mode browser appears to be a known issue in GWT, and is caused by IE’s stack overflow detection being triggered by the high memory demands of recursively de/serializing nested RPC calls. The GWT dev team is aware of it, but this issue has been in the hopper for quite some time, so don’t expect action in the near future. For now, try the following:

  • Restart hosted mode often
  • Move to Linux (don’t use IE as the hosted mode renderer)
  • Keep your RPC calls nice and flat
  • Keep you RPC payloads small
  • You can try increasing the vm memory, but that hasn’t been proven to be effective
  • Switch to using Direct-Eval RPC de/serialization

Read the original issue on google code here

For the time being, this is a mere annoyance for developers. If you ever see this happen in a deployed server (you’ll only see it in IE probably), please please make a huge amount of noise so everyone knows about it!!

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