The Power of Technology

There’s an industry forum that I use periodically. It has discussions and announcements related to some technologies that I work with each day. I even subscribe to the announcement section of the forum, so I can keep up to date with the latest goings-on.

Today, I received an email notification about a posting to the forum. I click on the link and go to the forum discussion boards. But first I have to log in. After logging in, I can see that the posting announces a meeting agenda, posted to the downloads section. And there’s a link to that. So I click on that link, which takes me to the downloads section, which has a link I can click. If I click that link, I end up downloading a Word file which shows me a meeting agenda (and which contains more links that I can click).

That’s… hmm… a lot of levels of indirection. I mean, I think it’s odd when people email me a word document — especially if the contents are brief enough that they could have been written out in the email. Here’s an email that tells me about an announcement that tells me about an attachment that lets me download a word document that contains seven or eight agenda items.

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