XP Toronto – May 2010 – Learning Best Approaches for Your Brain

Date: Tuesday May 18th, 2010 – 7 PM

Ryerson University
Vari Engineering & Computer Centre
Room ENG 288/289
245 Church St. at Gould St.
Enter at northwest corner of the building Ryerson Campus Map
(signs will be posted at the doors)

Topic: Learning Best Approaches for Your Brain

Speaker: Mark Levison

Do you mentor, coach, teach or just help other people? Do you wonder why after your greatest teaching moments people just don’t get it? In recent years neuroscience has started to provide us with a number of insights into what happens when we’re teaching. These insights make it clear that learning is really about building and reinforcing existing neural networks. Instead of providing lots of new ideas out of the blue, we need to understand the learners existing context and work with that. Instead of focusing on mistakes and errors, we need to focus on what good solutions look like.
Mark Levison is Founder of Agile Pain Relief Consulting. Mark has been an Agile practitioner since 2001, introducing Agile methods one practice at a time inside a small team. In the past three years, as an employee of a large ISV, he’s been responsible for introducing Scrum to the organization and coaching a number of teams – including the design of a Test Driven Development strategy and introduction of a number of practices to support it. Mark is an Agile Editor at InfoQ and has written dozens of articles on Agile topics. He also publishes a blog – Notes from a Tool User. When not in front of a computer, Mark spends his time with his wife and two daughters.

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