Tuesday Lunch – Self Organizing Teams

Topic: Open Forum – Self Organizing Teams
Facilitators: Peter Yu & Lawrence Ludlow
Time: Tuesday May 11, 12:30pm-1:30pm
Locations: Ottawa@1709 Bloor & Kingston@200 Adelaide

Last year at an XPToronto meeting we played a game where we took 6 folks, had them stand in the middle of the room, and then had somebody tie them up into a big knot. There were arms and legs all over the place. We then went through two iterations of having assigned Product and Project Managers tell the team how to unknot themselves. In both cases after several minutes the team was still in a mess. We then had the team figure out for themselves how to get free, and 20 some-odd seconds later they were done. This was a demonstration of the power of Self Organizing Teams – a committed group with a common objective are much more effective at reaching that objective when they are allowed to figure for themselves how to get there rather than being told what to do. In this discussion group we’ll focus on what Self Organizing Teams are and how we can best encourage and promote them. To start the conversation Peter Yu will review his recent blog post on Top 10 reasons preventing teams from Self Organizing.

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