Getting Hudson to use Amazon EC2

I just bumped into a Hudson plugin that is capable of launching slaves running on Amazon EC2 on demand.

Isn’t this an awesome plugin ?

Here is an excerpt of what the plugin documentation:

“This plugin enables Hudson to automatically provision new instances on EC2, based on the system demand. That is, if Hudson notices that your system is overloaded, it will provision new slaves on EC2, and when those instances go unused for a certain time period, it will shut them down. You can run all your slaves on EC2 if you want, or you can maintain your local build cluster and use EC2 as a reserve capacity.”

I wonder … is it possible to use this plugin to simplify the maintenance of our build environment ?

I believe so. Fine, perhaps using Amazon EC2 instances to run the build agents is not such a good idea, because that will cost extra money. But there is a plan B. We could deploy an internal cloud using Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is free, and its API is compatible with Amazon EC2’s.


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