Twist 2.0 Released

Twist is a test automation application by ThoughtWorks. I know, you are probably thinking not another automated testing tool. To me, this one seems to be a bit different compares to the other that I have seen so far.

It is built on top of the eclipse workbench. So it “feels” very much like eclipse. You write test scenarios in plain English. Some of the text in the scenario get implemented as action fixtures in Java code making these scenarios executable. Rule table and Data table can drive test execution – Data Driven Testing. It feels kind of like a FitNesse + JBehave/Cucumber mashup.

Eclipse QuickFix, ContentAssist, Refactoring (Renaming, ExtractConcept, PushToImplementation, etc…) support work as expected in Test Scenarios. Also support test tagging and test context. I also like how F3 will “Navigate to Code” from within Test Scenarios. Can record and drive Selenium, Sahi and SWTBot test harnesses. Ant support. Also, a few other interesting features.

Its another attempt to bridge the communication gap between Business, QA, and Development.

Here is a review by InfoQ.

I am intending to play with it for a bit.

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