Ada Lovelace Day

Once again, it’s Ada Lovelace Day. This is the second year that women geeks are making a deliberate effort to acknowledge and blog about women in technology.

It’s still true that I struggle to find the perfect hero to write about on Ada Lovelace day. One of the best programmers I know — my friend Diana — doesn’t really have a public Internet presence, so it’d be a bit strange to single her out.

Leigh Honeywell does amazing things, both in the running of HackLab here in Toronto and in her participation in various online venues, promoting women in technology.

I’ve enjoyed many of Annalee Newitz’s writings about technology, but I must confess that I haven’t kept too up-to-date with her recent material.

I’ve also really admired all the stuff I’ve seen Liz Henry write about technology and, in particular, her work encouraging girls to show an interest in programming. But I’d be hard-pressed to talk specifics about technical projects she’s working on.

And, lastly, I’ve valued the communities Ubuntu Women and Linux Chix because of the analysis they bring to bear on the state of women in technology.

What woman in technology do you think about today?

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