Mercurial: Why Switch?

  • made a commit and realized a mistake in it (rollback)
  • atomic commits
  • revert an entire change someone has committed (revert)
  • easy branching and merging. No more delaying a refactor because work is also taking place on another branch
  • quickly switch focus from one task to another (shelve or mqext)
  • do quick spike without impacting others, but staying in sync with main dev
  • backups everywhere (create branch locally that can either be pushed, or stripped)
  • faster updates over internet (only sends/receives changesets)
  • distributed dev teams, but want version control (every copy is a repository)
  • share changes quickly with another dev without having to patch/email or attempt to commit without breaking build (push/pull between local repositories)
  • have version control even if not connected via net (again, have local copy of repo)
  • do search through revisions to determine exactly which changeset introduced a bug/change (bisect)

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