When is it time to get a new tool or process?

There is a great invention called a Version Control System. It does a great job of creating and checking locks on files so that versions of files can be maintained and the coordination of check-ins can be manage in the automated way. If we wish to use these great tools we need to make sure that we are using the right one and then just let it do its job. If we try and create our own processes for locking the files on top of the VCS we are then upstaging the tool that we employed to manage things for us.

So if we have a token for who is allowed to check code in, do we need a VCS at all because the token controls all of the locks, is the process broken and the token needs to be removed, or are we simply using the wrong tool?

I vote for letting the tool do the work, my best work is in coding not in waiting in queue or playing a game of “Hunt the Wumpus” (token).

I will admit that a game of “Hunt the Wumpus” can be fun but I don’t think it is going to get my current task/story done any quicker.

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