API Design Matters

Topic: API Design Matters
Presenter: David Jones
Time: Tuesday July 28th, 12:30pm-1:30pm, Ottawa@1709 and Kingston@200 Adelaide

This session will be a discussion on the design of Application Programming Interfaces. It seems that APIs come and go faster than they have in the past, sometimes they fit easily with our projects’ design and code, and other times they are a source of endless frustration that taints everything which comes into contact with it. Can we use our experiences with third-party APIs to help inform and improve the APIs to Intelliware’s growing collection of home grown frameworks and libraries?

To frame the discussion the following article has been selected, so if you have a chance please read it beforehand.

API Design Matters
Michi Henning


Communications of the ACM
Vol. 52 No. 5, Pages 46-56

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