Introduction to GWT

We had a couple of Tuesday Lunch session on GWT. Personally, I think GWT looks like a very promising alternative for developing web applications. The front end stack is the common HTML/Javascript/CSS/Ajax/Servlet. It will run in any modern browsers and Java Servlet engines. Here we recap some of the features/benefits we discussed in our Tuesday Lunch Session:

  • Compiles client side GWT Java code to highly optimized cross-browser Javascript code. – Aggressive Javascript code optimization.
  • Internationalization support by only send to the client browser + language specific Javsscript.
  • Developing with GWT means we can continue to use our familiar Java tools.
  • The ability to debug and stepping through client side Java script code on an Ajax call to server side code.
  • Inter-operability with Native Javascript (bi-directional integration).
  • Fast development feedback in Hosted Mode, no restart – just click the “Refresh” button.
  • Google Appengine support.
  • Built-in Ajax RPC with support for either JSON or XML serialization out of the box.
  • JUnit testing of client side Javascript code.
  • Open Source.
  • Much more…


TRY OUT our drag and drop card game application at Google App Engine. Developed and Deployed in UNDER 60 minutes during lunch!!!.


Demo Code Example: code for the above a Drag and Drop Card Game.

A real-world experience report of building with GWT.

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