IEHR Support

A few weeks ago, we installed an upgrade to the TL7 site, and I’ve been meaning to make a blog entry about the topic for a while. Usually when I make a “new release” announcement, I like to point out some of the useful features, especially the developer tools and reference material that we’re building in to the system.

Unfortunately, the big new features aren’t publicly visible. The most exciting stuff has to do with expanding our support for different message sets. When we first envisioned the application, we were interested in building support for processing and validating Pharmacy/drug (CeRx) and client registry (CR) messages. Over time, we’ve branched into other areas: initial support for provider registry (PR), and some Newfoundland-specific messages like password change.

It’s also true that messages have been recategorized over time. Some messages that were generally considered to be part of CeRx are now in the Individual Electronic Health Record (IEHR) category. And, recently, we’ve been implementing more of those messages. List patient referrals for example (“C29.04” in Standards-speak), is an IEHR message that has never been part of CeRx. Same as List care compositions (“C27.02”). Some of these messages — like referrals, for example — seem like obvious choices for us, given our past experience building an eReferrals application.

We’ve also got Location Registry messages in our sights. And I’ve already received questions about support for Lab messages. So our scope, it seems, is growing.

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