Save a restart, save the world

I frequently find myself restarting my development app server just to test some simple Tapestry change. Unfortunately, the restart process could be long, especially, if like myself, you need to deploy a large web-application.

One solution to this problem is to disable Tapestry’s caching (by setting the system argument org.apache.tapestry.disable-caching to true).
But there’s a fly in this ointment, this would make the server slow enough to question the worthiness of this solution as opposed to simply restarting the app server.

Instead of disabling all caching what’s so ever, Tapestry allows you to discard all cached data by demand.
Just enable the org.apache.tapestry.enable-reset-service system argument and call http://localhost:8080/<Your_App_Context>/app?service=reset whenever you need to apply a change.

A more fine grained approach is discarding a specific page by calling:

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