Progress is good…

So, after last nights cutover which went extremely poor, we snuck past Murphy and cutover 200 Adelaide. Bell Canada showed up, roughly 3 hours after they said they were going to be there, and got the circuit working. New wiring had to be done in the closet telco room in the basement of the building. You remember, the room that he could not get into last night. By the way, when he was in the room, he found wet cables so they will be back to replace them. We are trying to find out how that will effect us and our connectivity. Once we know, we will certainly share the information. Then, he walks away and we lose connectivity to 200 Adelaide. Coincidence, not sure. But we took the opportunity to cut 200 Adelaide over to the new WAN and it was successful. How cool is that? I feel very bad that our fellow employees at 200 Adelaide had to experience an unscheduled outage, but something good came of it. We don’t know what caused the initial outage, but they are up and running and they are happy again. Not to mention they are now using 3 mbps for the internet and getting across to 1709 Bloor. Once we cut 1709 Bloor over this evening, we will have 3 mbps between offices and redundancy in our communication link. I, for one, am very happy about that!

Now, to get things totally groovey at 1709 Bloor, this is what needs to take place:

1) Cutover to 3 mbps Allstream connection – this will happen this evening (February 18). It will provide redundancy between offices and begin the infrastructure for diaster recovery and alternate e-mail option.
2) The default route on the firewalls at 1709 Bloor need to be changed to use the Allstream connections, not MCI – this will be scheduled in the near future. It is quite the configuration change on the firewall and needs to be meticulously planned. So stay tuned for that.
3) All external DNS entries need to be moved to Allstream – this will allow us to cancel the MCI connection and start to save some money.
4) The switches that connect the internal LAN need to be upgraded to 1 gig connections – as part of that upgrade, one primary switch with redundant power supplies and fans needs to be purchased and installed. I am in the process of writing the business case for that. Should be seeking approval soon for the purchase.
5) Internal routing needs to be offloaded to the switch not the firewalls – this will allow the firewalls to manage in and outbound traffic and focus on perimiter security instead of all routing.

Up until now, everyone has been extremely patient waiting for the changes to happen and I am extremely grateful for that. We still have a little way left to go until we come out of the tunnel. But if we continue to step one foot forward at a time, eventually, sunshine will hit our faces again…

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