I was not voted off the Island!!!

Today was a momentous occasion for me as an Intelliware employee, I had my probationary review. My fellow employees, as part of the 360 degree review process, have spoken and I was not voted off the island. I am not one that watches reality television but you really can’t avoid the Survivor commercials.

The process of the Intelliware review was interesting for me. After being with the same boss for over 13 years, and he always did my review, it was interesting to get a perspective from different people that I have only worked with for 6 months. I enjoyed every single comment that was provided. When starting at a new company, you are constantly wondering to yourself , “How am I doing? Am I meeting expectations?” I have given many reviews over my years and have dealt with many types of individuals, and everyone deals with the process differently. I had one person that I reviewed for 1 hour and when he left, his shirt was soaked. He was so nervous of what was going to be said, he was so afraid of not meeting expectations. His review was rated as “Exceeded Standards and Expectations”. The highest rating you could get, but he just couldn’t deal with the pressure. For me, there is no such thing as a bad review or a bad comment, just an indication of where I can improve to be better at my job. It is an opportunity to gain knowledge of myself outside of the other person in a car giving me the figure and calling me an a-hole. Just so know, that does not happen often….

As you all know, as part of the review process, there is a spot for you to write down your “Growth and Development Opportunities”. The first thing that l would like to improve on, and I don’t mind sharing with you, is to “Increase communications of ongoing projects within Technical Operations more frequently.” We, Technical Operations, touch so many things within the company, desktops, laptops, networks, servers, and hopefully your hearts as well. Everytime we do something, we need to step back and figure out who and what will be effected. I don’t believe in asking forgiveness instead of permission. I prefer everyone to know exactly what is going on at all times. I was trying to find the best way to deliver my message and updates without having to send constant e-mails so I have decided on my blog. I have noticed that everyone seems to log into i-proving so why not use this medium. I have secured my blog so that only Intelliware employees can read it. So let’s just keep it our little secret, ok? I will still continue to send e-mails when things are going to happen, but if you want the progress of ongoing projects, this is the place to be…

Talk to you soon when the first update happens. I can tell, you all are excited, me too….

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