HL7: Message Prefix Information

Message element definitions tend to use the following prefixes:

Prefix Meaning
Health & Clinical Management Domains
PO Subsection: Operations
POLB Domain: Laboratory
POOO Domain: Orders and Observations
PORX Domain: Pharmacy
RC Subsection: Records
Administrative Management Domains
PR Practices
PRLO Location
PRPA Patient Administration
PRPM Personnel Management (e.g. Provider’s Registry)
Specification Infrastructure
MC Subsection: Message Control
MCCI Domain: Message Control Infrastructure
MCAI Domain: Message Act Infrastructure
MF Subsection: Master File
MFMI Domain: Masterfile Infrastructure Management
QU Subsection: Query
QUQI Domain: Query Infrastructure
CO Subsection: Common Content
COCT Domain: Common Message Elements (CMETs)
COMT Domain: Common Message Content (Shared Messages)
REPC Domain: Patient Care

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