We Build it And They Actually Come

In a presentation, today, I was talking about “Better, Stronger, Faster” goals. One of those goals related directly to providing value to our beta clients.

Our first beta customer involves the development of a pharmacy application. Our thinking was that if we were making TL7 a useful testing tool, our beta customer would be much more likely to want to use it. So a measure of our usefulness was how much actual use we saw.

Now, we had no idea how much TL7 would be used. We had no history to draw on — no metrics to plumb for insight. So we put a “stake in the ground” and guesstimated that if we received 500 messages from our beta client, we were probably doing something right. We also said that if 500 processed messages were “Good” then 750 were “Great”. And 1000 would be in the realm of Exceptional Win!

Today, TL7 processed its 10,000th message. Our beta client has been exceptional about telling us what makes the application more useful to them, and we’ve really benefited from a close relationship to their development project. But we’re thrilled to have our expectations exceeded so fully.

Now we’re just waiting for the 100,000 mark.

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