TL7 has landed

It is with great pleasure that the e-Health development team announces the official beta launch of Test Level 7 (TL7). We’ve actually been live for a couple of days while we tested out the production server, but today is the day that we’re telling our friends and family about it. There’s even a press release.

The version of TL7 that is available to the general public is a little different than the version that’s being used by internal teams. The core functionality is an online HL7 message validation utility that determines and lists any problems with the format and standard content of a HL7 message.

When people sign up and are approved for full beta access, they’ll be using the same product that the various teams at Intelliware have been using to support their e-Health development efforts. Beta customers will be able to set up test data via the web interface and send HL7 messages (either through the web interface, REST or SOAP) to query or manipulate that data. Generally, they’ll be able to use TL7 in the same way that our internal clients have been: as a testbed that behaves the same as a production environment, but with the added ability to tailor the server responses to test different aspects of client behaviour.

We’ll continue to roll out changes to our internal servers before they hit the production site. Please let us know if there are any changes that you’d like to see to the product to improve its usefulness internally or for our new external beta clients.

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