Just Don’t Call Me Late For Dinner

As we get closer to launch, we’ve been going through an exercise in choosing a more descriptive name for the suite of tools we’ve been developing here at Intelliware, previously referred to as Panacea. As much as we are all aiming for a “panacea”, we were worried it wasn’t descriptive or distinctive enough for the outside world.

So, as we get closer to a more public release of the system, we’ve come up with what we think is a great name for our baby — Test Level 7 (short form — TL7).

The Level 7 reference, as you are no doubt aware, refers to the Application Layer of the seven level Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model. It is the part of the model where open systems interact at the application level. Health Level 7 (HL7) has piggy-backed their naming off of this reference, and we thought that putting a testing spin on the name would give users a great perspective on what we are trying to accomplish. For those of us with short memories, TL7 is also easy-to-remember.

Intelliware is committed to extensively testing all the applications it develops. The TL7 Suite is our way of offering the outside world the kind of testing capabilities we have always done internally. We are Application Layer testing experts, and our aim is to make the TL7 Tool Suite bring that capability to the HL7 development community. We think the name Test Level 7 captures that spirit very nicely.

So, while we switch over to the new name, please bear with us as we work to update Panacea references to TL7.

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