Linking a Team Value to a Team’s Practice

Last week I facilitated a retrospective for a team that had just finished about 3 weeks of work. They were responsible for making two systems talk to each other. They had to implement a lot of features in a short period of time. They could’ve said “no way,” but they didn’t. They were successful at delivering what they promised, but it took a team effort to get it done. Their strength came from a shared value to deliver. They overcame their challenges by translating their shared value into an effective day-to-day practice.

The team realized early on in the development cycle that, in order to deliver on time, they needed a system-to-system testing framework. As soon as possible, they established a simple communication between the two systems. From there, they could add new features and messages knowing they would work. It became their focal point–to ensure that the two systems could talk to each other at all times. They were explicit on linking this practice to their shared value to deliver. As a result, the team delivered the features on time and their component works.

What I got from this is the importance of translating a shared value to deliver into an effective team practice and explicitly linking the two.

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