Installing VMware server on Ubuntu

I originally installed VMware on my Ubuntu machine by following these steps.

It looks like the Ubuntu update of this morning (January 9, 2009) broke the installation. This has occured before, and a simple recompile of the VMware image usually managed to set things right. Now it looks like things are very broken, and I’m worried that I’ve actually lost my VMware images.

I’ll update this entry as I manage to get it working. And if it’s not updated, you can safely assume that it’s not working, I lost three months worth of data, and that I’ve given up and will start making up data points in the near future.

Step 1: Get latest image

I decided to update my image of VMware. By going to, logging in with the credentials I got last time (you can sign up for free), I starting downloading the newest image.

Estimated download time: 20 hours,36 minutes. Ok dudes, I’ll see you on Monday.

Step 2: Normal install

Install VMware as per this guide.

Step 3: The tricky bit

Even though the install was successful, the expected “VMware server” entry was not added to the System Tools menu. After a little bit of searching, I found this. Apparently there is no longer a dedicated client – instead we access VMware via the browser at http://localhost:8222.

The first thing that happens is that you get prompted for a userid and password. If you did not specify a user account during the installation process, then you must use userid root. It’s likely best to set your normal account to be the administrator account.

The current administrative user for VMware Server  is ''.  Would you like
to specify a different administrator? [no] yes

Please specify the user whom you wish to be the VMware Server administrator
[root] steve

Using steve as the VMware Server administrator.

Once you log in, everything should work properly.

Step 4: The damn thing is broken again

And I don’t have the time to fix it at the moment. It’s likely today’s (May 5, 2009) Ubuntu update broke it though.

Ah, here’s the fix:

administrator@mycomputer:/usr/bin$ sudo

Just re-run the config step and it seems to work.

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