Topicvote updated

I’ve updated my web app for voting on topics for Tuesday lunch meetings.

On the flight over and back to Ireland I’d done some work on beefing up the membership side of things, an author could edit a topic they created, I tracked what members had voted on topics and a few other bells and whistles. I had a chat with Peter Yu yesterday about the app and the feedback I got was:

  • that some people had issues with creating a google login to use the app
  • it would be nice for people to be able to vote directly from an email

So I’ve stripped out all the code that deals with people having to register with the app to vote / add topics and I added a restian interface to support voting from emails, documented here. (Is it wrong that I enjoy deleting code I wrote only a week ago?)

There are still a few issues outstanding with the app, its ugly, if you add two topics with the same name bad things happen, it isn’t unit tested and its open to spam from other people outside (or inside) of intelliware. I’m hoping to leave the app for a few weeks and see if people start using it and how they use it before I spend any more time on it. Hopefully I wont make the same mistake of rushing out building stuff without finding out exactly what consumers of the app want.

So please take a look at web app again, add a topic you think might be intersting or cast a few votes.

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