Skype and TightVNC

We have tried a number of tools for screen sharing with Skype, specifically to handle meetings or Tuesday Lunch sessions between our two offices, and eventually ended using VNC. Though the Skype based sharing tools seemed promising, we had problems with newer versions of Skype, flaky connection start-up, and grew weary of having to sign up for “free” accounts and so on. TightVNC just worked across our intranet and also without configuration across locations using VPN.

There are a number of VNC implementations out there these days. We found that TightVNC was the easiest to set-up in our environment. Rather than running the server as a service, we just start up the server application as needed.



  • TightVNC and Skype aren’t connected, so once you have opened a connection with Skype, you have to start again from scratch to start VNC and all the palaver regarding IPs and passwords.
  • If the TightVNC client screen is made full-screen it will obscure the Skype video feed even if you make the feed on-top.

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