Agility Brown Bag

Agility Brown Bag

User Stories

Below is a list of User Stories that we came up with describing we want out of these Brown Bag sessions.

As a: developer,
I want to: do something that is different from my day to day tasks,
So that: I can have variety to stimulate my problem solving ability.

As a: developer,
I want to: join/start study groups,
So that: I can increase my overall technical skills.

As a: developer new to Agile,
I want to: Try out as many different practices of Agile as possible,
So that: I get a better sense of how everyone sees Agile, and not restricted to Intelliware.

As a: developer,
I want to: convey knowledge of current and past work more effectively,
So that: go “faster”, pair better.

As a: developer,
I want to: learn more about Agile,
So that: I could enjoy working here.

As a: developer,
I want to: get better understanding of Agile techniques,
So that: I can help the team to be more happy and productive.

As a: developer,
I want to: get concrete action items,
So that: I can help improve productivity of our project.

As a: member of P/ET,
I want to: provide an opportunity for IWD folks to learn new things and share ideas,
So that: to foster/promote Continuous Improvement amongst teams.

As a: developer,
I want to: run/host a demo for each release of our project, clients, team whoever is interested could be invited,
So that: build client understanding of system; build client/team relationship; improve quality of UAT testing; build team experience of presenting their work; recorded demos could act as documentation.

As a: Intelliware employee,
I want to: learn better ways to do things,
So that: I can improve my effectiveness and make my job easier.

As a: developer,
I want to: improve the way we handle unexpected tasks. Such as investigations for other programmers, broken builds, questions from QA,
So that: a pair can focus on one task at a time and be productive.

As a: developer,
I want to: learn new Agile development techniques,
So that: I can reduce problems I hate on projects and focus on the good bits.

As a: developer,
I want to: write “good” code,
So that: they (it) won’t become “legacy” code in the near future.

As a: developer,
I want to: discuss the importance of not writing untested code,
So that: correct and robust code is delivered to the customer.

As a: attendee,
I want to: have interesting disscussion,
So that: I can enjoy my lunch better.

As a: developer,
I want to: have fun,
So that: we can get to know each other better.


We also discussed we would like the format of these sessions to be:

  • Hands-on: “Work” with code. Prefer to work with real code in real project. Perhaps, we can find an IntelliwareCommons project that we can all contribute.
  • Show Improvement/Feedback: We can discuss Agile techniques we try, our experience of using these techniques and how much improvement do they make.
  • Demo: We can do demos by visiting project rooms to see Agile techniques that we try and have some discussion about them afterwards.
  • Include Non-Techie: We can invite non-technical people such as our Customers, QA, Executives to see their point of views.
  • Get Outside: We can also visit other Agile Shops (field trip) or invite folks from other Agile Shops to join in share insights and learn from one another.
  • Vote on Topics: In order to maximize the values of these session, we can vote on topics of discussion that we are interested in and prioritize them.

Topics of Interest

We started listing some topics. We are going to figure out a way to allow others to cast votes on them and add new topics.

  • Lean – an Introduction
  • “100% Tested”, what it means to us.
  • Kanban
  • Value Stream Mapping

Below are the topics that people selected so far…

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