Topic: Agility Brown Bag Kickoff

This Tuesday Lunch will focus on starting a new series of “over the lunch” discussions on Agile topics. The purpose will be to explore how we can improve the way we work by bringing in Agile concepts.

In these sessions, we hope to achieve the following:

  • deepen our understanding of Agile concepts.
  • maximize attendee’s satisfaction (in these sessions, you are the customer, the session must focus on delivering value to you).
  • foster learning and arriving at concrete and practical take-aways of Agile concepts (i.e: loot bags for everyone).
  • to share and learn from each other’s pain and success Agile stories.
  • most importantly to have fun!

The purpose of this kick off meeting will be to decide how often we should meet, whether this group should be an extension of Tuesday Lunch or if we should meet separately. Also, we should spend some time brainstorming potential future topics. Think of these sessions as a Product and you are the Customers. What would be a good way to capture what the Customers want out of these sessions? You got it. User Stories! Lets get together to define some User Stories for these Agile Sessions. Don’t forget to bring your Customer hats with you 🙂

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